Winning An Ex GF Back

Get Your Ex GirlFriend Back With Persistence

If there is one thing a girl loves it is persistence. Women want a man to understand that they are serious about being involved with them and that they want to spend valuable time with that person. One of the most common reasons why relationships fail is due to lack of communication and appreciation for the other individual. Men who quit their efforts in trying to rebuild their relationships with the girl they love are the ones who wind up losing her to someone else. Us the following advice to avoid letting her slip away from you and together the two of you can enjoy rekindling your bond.
Give her a call or text and ask her to speak with you. At this point it would be better to meet with her in person. Talk to her and ask her how she feels about you overall. Ask if she still has feelings for you and if she says no then ask her what has changed. Get her to provide you with the honest truth and hopefully the news will be good. If she does not feel attracted to you any longer then it may be time for you to make a change in your appearance to improve your appeal.
When a girl says she is still attracted to you but there is another reason why she is not interested in being with you then you may be able to patch things up rather quickly. Many times a girl goes through a change in her life and is trying to figure out whether or not the partner she is with is the one she wants to remain with forever. What you can do during this time is be her friend and remind her how much you care about her in general. This is a good way to work your way back into a woman’s heart and to show her that you are someone she can rely on.
After sending her flowers, chocolate, cards, and giving her calls and your time and attention it should be clear how much you love your ex girlfriend. When she fails to respond to these gestures and still does not want to be with you it may be a sign you are simply not someone she wants to be with. Speak with her close friends, family, or anyone that can offer you advice. They may be able to help you win her over as the line is true in that if you win over her family and friends you can win over the girl.
Persistence is the key to success but in reality if a person does not want to be with you then you may be wasting your time. Use your best judgement and if you start to irritate your ex girlfriend then refrain from smothering her with too much attention. Give her some time to clear her mind and be in her life as a friend. Make your intentions known and let her be aware that you are willing to wait for her when she is ready to date again.