Best Electronic Cigarettes In The Market Today

Electronic cigarettes are one of the best ways of switching the way you intake nicotine. The following is a brief review of the top electronic cigarette brands in the market. Hopefully, you will switch over from smoking tobacco to vaping electronic cigarettes to reduce the harm to your body greatly.

1.    V2 Cigs

This is one of the top options for electronic cigarettes in the market today. The brand has a massive fan base, and it is the largest online retailer of electronic cigarettes. The reason for its popularity is that it offers excellent performance and combines a huge variety of products.

2.    VaporFi

This is probably the best brand of e-cigarettes in the market currently. VaporFi offers an amazing collection of refillable, tank-style electronic cigarettes. All of their most current models have superior taste, vapor production, and battery life. Their e-liquid and e-cigarette prices are much lower than those of other brands are.

3.    Halo Cigs

Halo is a leading innovator in the industry. It offers very advanced and competitive electronic cigarette hardware that new and experienced vapors will love. Halo also offers a wide selection of flavors.

4.    Apollo E-Cigs

This very good brand is particularly recommended for more advanced e-cigarette users. The reason for this is that they offer the traditional e-cigarette model as well as the eGo model. eGos are amazing batteries that connect to a wide variety of tanks. You can fill the tanks with any brand of e-liquid you can find, which makes for a more open source and personalized experience.

5.    Revolver E-Cigs

This brand is very similar to Apollo. They have a wide variety of products for different types of e-cigarette users. They have disposables for entry-level users all the way up to the ‘eVIC’ model that is quite advanced and can plug into your computer to give you statistics about your e-cigarette use.

6.    Mig Cigs

This is truly a unique brand. Their battery setups and tanks are not sold anywhere else. The best thing about the brand is perhaps the MIG21, simply the best miniature e-cigarette in the market. It is the size of a traditional cigarette but can vape with the big boys in both taste and power. It is simply revolutionary. Mig has recently released a new line of gourmet e-liquid that is highly recommended.

7.    777 E-Cigs

This is a well-respected e-cigarette brand. They have been in business for a long time and are much respected. Their e-cigarettes are top notch; their flavors are top notch, and they create a fair amount of vapor. The company also provides excellent customer care and takes good care of its clients in all ways.

8.    South Beach Smoke

This brand has also been around for a long time, and most offer coupons. They have not improved as other brands have but are still a solid option for beginner e-cig users. If you are looking for a brand that has a solid history and a good collection of flavors, then South Beach Smoke is the brand for you.

In conclusion, this article has been a discussion about the tope 8 electronic cigarette brands in the market today. Choose the brand that appeals to you most so that you may switch over from smoking regular cigarettes to smoking e-cigarettes. Just make sure to use the proper discount and coupon codes at checkout.